Get a 5 Year


on any new Installation


The NEX Warranty and Maintenance Plan

Protect your investment

Expertise across

all floor types

We provide industry-leading expertise in epoxy, textiles, concrete and natural stone to customize the coatings, sealers, impregnators and guards used to protect your floors for years


to your needs

We can offer maintenance on a single office, all units within a building or across a portfolio or properties. With expertise to maintain all types of surfaces, we can provide turn-key services

The only warranty


NEX backs all of its installations with an optional 5-year warranty and maintenance plan to maintain the value of your investment.

Extendable & adaptable

to your needs

When your 5-year warranty expires, we can assess current wear and environment requirements and renew your warranty and maintenance plan.

Partnership with your daily janitors

When you include a maintenance and warranty plan with your installation, we also show your janitorial staff which chemicals to use in daily cleaning to avoid surface erosion which destroys coatings

Include a NEX Warranty & Maintenance Plan in your Specification

Click here to make sure a warranty plan is specified into your project

Textiles, Carpet & Upholstery Maintenance Plans

Care, Maintenance, and Preservation program for Textiles and Upholstered furnishings

For existing carpets and upholstery, NEx Systems patented natural dry cleaning technology, NEXfoliation, cleans fibers and returns them to their original performance characteristics. Unlike standard carpet and upholstery cleaning processes, NEXfoliation is a non-toxic, patented approach to dry cleaning textiles and upholstered fabrics that removes normal soiling, spots and spills as well as mold, fungus and bacteria including Staph – without residues or odors.


Once cleaned - or for new installations - our maintenance plans use proprietary no-VOC fiber protection topically applied to protect textiles from the daily grind of foot traffic, soiling, food and beverage spills, as well as highly residual mainstream cleaning products. Textiles are porous by nature and when left untreated, can be permanently damaged. NEx Systems natural VOC free fiber protection technology preserves the original aesthetic and performance characteristics of your carpets and upholstery for years to come with no toxic odors or residues.

Hard Surface Floor Maintenance Plans

Maintenance expertise in every surface with patented processes and proprietary products

NEX Systems started as a maintenance company with proprietary formulations that were environmentally friendly and non-toxic for workers and tenants to combat the respiratory disorders rampant in the industry from toxic cleaning chemicals.


Our first products were for textiles and commercial carpets, but soon we developed non-toxic cleaning materials for use on polished concrete and epoxy floors as well. Over time, we began to replace whole flooring systems for our clients that had been specified incorrectly for their environments or installed poorly…. And eventually had accumulated the equipment, products and expertise to lead innovation across the floor installation industry.


NEX now has over 50 million square feet of commercial floor maintenance under contract.

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