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Expert Restoration for Any Surface Material

Restoration is at the core of what we do

NEx Systems started over 25 years ago as a maintenance provider with specialized products, processes and tools for restoring damaged carpets, textile walls and other surfaces using non-toxic cleaning products.

With our own in-house chemical engineering, we soon began helping clients install better quality flooring with more environmentally friendly and effective protectants and sealers. But at heart, our staff are experts in reviving damaged, aged, worn and faded materials. From wood and textiles to stone and concrete as well as synthetic surfaces, we can bring your building, weathered furniture, walkways, carpets and upholstery back to life.

“NEX made it look like it must have looked 3 decades ago”


Outdoor furniture that’s weathered and stained or indoor furniture that’s scuffed and discolored – we can help

Stain removal from messy trees on flagstones or sun-faded pavers – we can make them new again

Deep-cleaning proprietary non-toxic cleaners that dissolve stains, brighten colors and protect against future damage



Natural stone

or pavers


& Carpets

Textile Restoration and Fiber Protection

Dry cleaning and protect soft surface
without toxic indoor fumes

NEx Systems has developed our own proprietary environmental dry cleaning process that emulsifies and removes traffic lanes and stains without effecting the color or filers of the textile.

Once your upholstery, wall covering, carpet or other soft surfaces are restored we can also provide our fiber protection which will create residents to both water and oil based spills while maintaining the soft look and feel of your original textile design.

Talk to us about your traffic lanes, stained damaged or discolored textiles before you spend money replacing them.  We can even send you a sample of our proprietary carpet and upholstery cleaning kit to try at home or office. You’ll see for yourself how an industrial grade dry cleaning process made with environmental ingredients can look great while also protecting your health from toxic indoor fumes.

“NEX made it look like it must have looked 3 decades ago”


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