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Dreamworks Studios - Flagstone & pavers stain removal & restoration


Expert Hard Surface Restoration for Any Surface Material

We restore natural stone, grout, polished
concrete, wood furnishings, synthetic flooring
and pavers – or any other hard surface material

Hard surface flooring and outdoor furnishings are a substantial long term investment for any facility.


The key to preserving these assets is to be proactive in sealing and protecting your surfaces from liquid and chemical attack as soon after installation as possible.


All stone is porous by nature and susceptible to staining very easily from spills or from water and oil based liquids. Our proprietary line of NEx sealers impregnators and performance coatings are specifically engineered to provide unparalleled protection.


NEx offers custom tailored restoration and maintenance programs for all of your hard surface needs whether its restoring existing stone, grout, polished concrete or furniture – or protection of newly-installed (or restored) materials. We have the tools and 25 years of expertise to assist you in maximizing the appearance and performance of your hard surfaces to make them last for years.

“NEX made it look like it must have looked 3 decades ago”


Outdoor furniture that’s weathered and stained or indoor furniture that’s scuffed and discolored – we can help

From flagstone stain removal and color restoration of faded pavers to renewal of granite counters or marble slabs we can make them new again

Restore the original designer colors and beauty of tilework, grout, VCT, acrylic and other man-made floor surfaces



Natural Stone

or Pavers


Flooring & Tile

Case Study:

Dreamworks Pictures, Glendale, CA


20 years of stains & wear

removed & color restored


a Legendary Studio

The Dreamworks Animation studio was built in 1997 with ornate garden pathways providing scenic outdoor meeting areas bathed in Southern California sunshine surrounded by a Spanish-style complex that harkened back to the early 1930s architecture of old Hollywood.  But by 2017, olive stains marred its flagstones, its two-tone pavers had faded to beige and it’s glossy interior tiles had dulled.... (click arrow to continue)

Restoration Case Study:

Morrison & Foerster, Palo Alto CA


VCT Floors Discolored

From Decades of Use

When law firm Morrison & Foerster decided to repurpose what had always been their file room, they discovered a VCT floor with noticeably uneven sun-fading. But when they removed the old copier machines they discovered dark black scuff marks that had been burnished into the surface from years of vibration, heat and spilled copy toner. It seemed like they would need to install a completely new floor.... (click arrow to continue)

Restoration Case Study:

Restaurant, Redwood City CA


Restoring a custom

concrete aggregate bar

When NEx Systems technicians were already on-site at a restaurant and bar in Redwood City to install new flooring, the contractor asked if there were anything they could do about the faded, stained and worn bar that was the centerpiece of the space. It was an intricately stained concrete bar with custom aggregate of all sizes – but years of acidic drinks had eaten away at the surface after the original sealant had worn off.... (click arrow to continue)

Restoration Case Study:
SVS Sourdough Bakery, Sacramento CA

IMG_1892_1_larger prim.JPEG

Discovering and Restoring
Vintage Marble Floor

When SVS Sourdough Company called NEx Systems they thought they were just going to have NEx’s flooring team remove an ugly old carpet and replace it with concrete overlay for their new retail bakery at the Sacramento Station..... (click arrow to continue)

Restoration Services:
Outdoor Wood Furniture Restoration


Making outdoor Teak furniture new again

When Bio Marin Pharmaceuticals, also a flooring client of NEx Systems, purchased premium teak outdoor furniture for its 250 employees at its Novato facility they thought they were acquiring high quality pieces that would provide beautiful and functional exterior furnishings for years. But within a year the inferior coatings had disappeared and the golden color of the wood had faded to a dull grey... (click arrow to continue)

Hard Surface Floor Maintenance Plans

Maintenance expertise in every surface with patented processes and proprietary products

While we work with companies of all sizes, many of our clients are large companies who invest in beautiful natural hard surface floors within their facilities. The facility managers for these buildings call us because new custom flooring doesn’t come with an instruction manual and they know that improper care can damage their floors and shorten the life of their investment. Even the best janitorial services don’t have the expertise to know what sealants to use, which cleaners can erode which kinds of surfaces and what coatings can provide better traction while maintaining a lustrous shine.


Most all natural hard surface flooring is either porous or has absorptive characteristics – which means they can be eroded by acids and chemicals and they can stain easily. With foot traffic, they will also lose their lustre unless properly protected. These surfaces need to be sealed and protected from the possibility of staining, discoloration and de-lustering, because once stained the stone will permanently absorb the discoloration.


NEx Systems creates customized formulations of its sealants, color enhancer-impregnators and coatings as part of a tailored proactive maintenance program that protects and preserves all of your interior and exterior hard surfaces.

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