Great design can

actually save the world

Earn LEED credits with NEx products


Your design

should look as good

in 10 years as it does now

All installations come

with the option

of a 5 year warranty

Build Green without compromising design

Proprietary products that produce

floors with higher reflectivity and
better traction – with no VOCs,
carcinogens or isocyanates – to protect you and the environment.

Turn-key Maintenance

& Warranty

With the industry’s only 5 year warranty and long-term maintenance plan, NEx floors look just as good years from now as they do today. 

Floors that look the way

you designed them

No more awkward conversations with owners who ask why the finished installation doesn’t match the renderings or samples… NEx provides on-site mockups, samples
and full specs to make sure there’s
a perfect match.

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Save the Earth in Style

Icocyanates are the new asbestos

When you choose NEx, you get all of the design options, finishes, graphics and color possibilities available in traditional overlays, epoxies and coatings – but you also reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that seep into the air and ground. NEx products protect worker and tenant health while earning LEED credits with patented formulas and proprietary maintenance methods that reduce waste both at installation and throughout the life of the building.

How important are isocyanates and VOCs? Recent studies by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the EPA and the National Institutes of Health have identified building materials including hard surface flooring as causes of indoor air pollution that lead to severe asthma, chronic respiratory and reproductive disorders and sick building syndrome. Read more about it here

“When our client said they wanted to be LEED Gold, there was only one choice…” Architect


NEx GreenEpoxy

Beautiful Durable Variety

NEx Green Epoxy has the same look, design variety, longevity and durability as traditional epoxy – without the toxic fumes.


From solid color to broadcast color flakes to metallics, NEx Green Epoxy can be customized to your vision, your client’s brand and the reflectivity and hardness required by your environment. From high traffic applications like airport concourses or stadium throughways to intimate design applications like bathroom renovations or offices, it’s infinitely customizable and durable for any indoor environment.

If you would like to see metallics, inlay designs or other highly customized solutions, be sure to check out the Custom Designs section below.

“Their application was exactly what we’d discussed with the client”

project lead, company


NEx Green Epoxy- Polyurethene

(For High Impact/Traffic/Weight)

High pressure and heavy traffic

never looked so effortless

NEx Green Epoxy Polyurethene is our proprietary high impact commercial grade epoxy that can make an airline hangar look like a showroom. Environmentally friendly with low toxicity, it is formulated for the most punishing industrial and high traffic applications.


You can see NEx Green Epoxy Polyurethene hard at work in applications such as stadium throughways, hangars and other heavy equipment or high traffic environments, where thousands of tons of pressure roll across its flawless surface daily. When combined with the NEx Warranty and Maintenance Plan, it is a true long-term infrastructure investment that will perform well and look great for years.

“We needed something that would withstand the toughest environment – and still look good enough for our board members to visit” project lead, company


NEx Polished Concrete Grind & Seal

From slab to fab -

3 grades of finish to fit your budget

Our concrete experts can work with your budget to turn an existing concrete slab into a functional, beautiful asset. Our Polished Concrete comes in 3 easy-to-understand pricing levels - and we can customize to your exact needs of course.

NEx Finish 1, a simple “grind and seal”, is an affordable solution to quickly improve the look of a floor, but requires more maintenance over time. NEx Finish 2 is a medium polish finish with hardeners and optional stain guards used in restaurants, offices and retail stores. NEx Finish 3 provides glass-finish, showroom quality with durability.

Contact us to download a free Guide to costs, processes and use cases.

“We needed something that would withstand the toughest environment – and still look good enough for our board members to visit” project lead, company

NEx Polished Concrete Overlays

Shiny new floors, made from ugly old floors

Although concrete is one of the most durable floor surfaces you can use, it’s often not poured with the intent of being seen. Especially in older buildings, with different pours, patches, bolts and renovations, a concrete floor often looks like a patchwork quilt of imperfections.


NEx Polished Concrete Overlays are not just a shiny coating applied on top of these imperfections, but a process of grinding, smoothing and staining floors to achieve an even, flawless surface which is then coated with our patented NEx hard surface coatings to achieve the level of reflectivity your design demands.

Contact us to download a free Guide to costs, processes and use cases.

“It’s a hundred year old building… but it looks like the floors were poured yesterday” project lead, company


NEx Custom Design

The floor as the focal point

From corporate brand colors, to inlayed graphics, to complicated geometric shapes and organic, smoke-like metallics, NEx’s 30 year expertise in decorative concrete and epoxy materials, design and installation is unmatched.


As a developer of cutting-edge flooring products and techniques, we’ve pioneered many floor design options that designers are only now becoming aware of. No matter what your vision, we have the expertise to alter the product and installation to achieve your design.


If you have something in mind and aren’t sure if it can be done or how it should be specified, give us a call.

“I didn’t even know you could do that. It pushed the whole project to the next level” architect, company


Expert installation today

that looks great years later

Expert installation to your specs

Our professional installers work seamlessly with contractors to deliver on-time, on-budget installations that match the exact specifications provided. We always offer an on-site test sample for general contractors and building owners to approve; then our team matches the sample exactly, removing all guesswork of what to expect in the finished product.

Learn more about our installation process and proprietary low-toxicity products that allow other trades to continue working while they cure, saving time, money and protecting worker health

Expert maintenance built in

Our products are chemically engineered to require less maintenance than traditional products, retaining their high reflectivity, color depth and improved traction with only an occasional re-application of a surface coating of our products. This is far less labor-intensive than traditional polishing, which grinds down floors, produces toxic silt and removes protective finishes, shortening the life of a floor’s finish. When you add the NEX Warranty to your project specification, you get this yearly maintenance as well as training for janitorial staff in how to clean floors to protect your investment for up to 5 years.

Expert Restoration

NEx has developed new products like NEx RestoreCoat (P.A.H.) that can bring back the luster, color and depth of faded hardscapes both interior and exterior. Before you tear out paving tiles, grind down or demolish your existing floors, let us take a look at them.


We can often save building owners tens of thousands of dollars by simply restoring the surfaces they already have and training their janitorial staff how to care for them without damaging their finish.


Installation that matches your design... exactly

Get the exact specification you want

Each of these images shows a version of “Polished Concrete”... but their installation costs, maintenance requirements and reflectivity are very different.

Typical Spec: “Polished Concrete”

(NEx Finish 1: Grind & Seal - low cost, high maintenance)

Typical Spec: “Polished Concrete”

(NEX Finish 2 - Standard retail & restaurants)

Typical Spec: “Polished Concrete”

(NEX Finish 3 - High-end retail & hotel lobbies)

If you've ever walked into a project you designed and been disappointed with what was built, you have experienced the mismatch between an architect or owner's vision and the contractor's specification.

We’re here to change that. Like many things in construction, what appears simple at first is actually more complicated. For example, you may say “I want polished concrete floors.”


While your general contractor needs to know “What level of grind should be performed on the install to match the reflectivity score you have designed?”


When the contractor doesn’t get an exact specification, he or she will often specify what is least expensive (always less polished, reflective and even – because lower reflectivity comes from fewer grinds which results in lower labor costs). That’s why we always provide architects and owners with an on-site sample and write the specification sheet needed to achieve that exact outcome… so there’s never any guesswork – or disappointment.

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