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Custom formulated

& built to last

Chemically engineered & optimized for your environment


Protect your

investment with

a warranty plan

All new installations come

with the option of a 5 year

warranty and long-term

maintenance built in

Protect your tenants

and workers from toxic fumes

The CDC, EPA and NIH have all published studies examining the health impacts of high-toxicity building materials such as traditional hard surface flooring solutions. NEX is proud to offer the only NO-VOC, NO-isocyanate hard surface floor systems to protect worker and tenant health –and reduce owner liabilities.

Floors that are guaranteed

to look great years later

When you include a maintenance and warranty plan with your installation, your investment is protected – and your janitorial staff will be trained in how to clean NEx surfaces without dulling their finish.

Every floor installation comes with the option of including a 5-year warranty – the only one of its kind in the industry.

Turn-key solutions to maintain all floor types across all buildings

Whether you have a single building or a portfolio of properties, NEx’s vertically integrated operations provide a single partner that can restore floors as old tenants vacate and maintain every type of floor, including upholstery, carpets, tile, interior or exterior hardscapes, poured concrete and epoxy. 

Nex Non-toxic

NEX non-toxic floors protect worker and tenant health – and protect you from future remediation costs

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Same price, longevity and performance

– with no carcinogens or isocyanates.

Much as asbestos was widely used in construction before it’s health impacts were understood and it’s use in most applications were banned, isocyanates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and other commonly used toxins have gotten increasing scrutiny in the past decade. NEX is committed to reducing sick building syndrome, indoor air pollution (linked to chronic respiratory, skin and reproductive damage) and environmental harm caused by the use of outdated, toxic and often times less effective products in its floors.

Learn more about the health impacts of standard flooring chemicals on both workers as well as tenants in recent reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency and even state agencies such as the California Department of Public Health.

“Death from severe asthma in some sensitized subjects has been reported.” – Icocyanates – The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

NEx Green Epoxy: Installation

The only resinous flooring where

other trades don’t need to vacate the premises

Installing epoxy flooring has typically meant a complete work stoppage of all trades as the toxic chemicals used to bind the materials catalyzes. Traditional epoxy is not your friend if you are on a tight schedule.


NEx Green Epoxy is different though. Despite surface prep, moisture mitigation, site leveling, installation and an end product that looks like other epoxy products, it’s proprietary no-VOC, no-Isocyanate formulation means that other trades can keep working during the cure period.


When NEx’s expert installation team takes on your project, here’s what you can expect:

• Bead blast/grind existing concrete
• Key in edges around drains and terminations
• Rout out, clean and pre-patch cracks
• Apply NEx body coat & top coats

• Non-toxic cure period that keeps other trades working

“NEX is always on time, on budget and are total professionals”

Construction Manager

NEx Concrete Overlay: Installation & Restoration

The most stain-resistant, high traction,

high reflectivity overlay available

Older buildings were built with a patchwork of concrete pours made at different times with different aggregate and sand mixtures resulting in uneven concrete that doesn’t look good, even when polished.


For damaged, uneven or patchwork-poured floors, NEx Overlays offer a blank canvas for designers. After patching and evening the floors, our team can pour self-leveling overlay that can be stained and ground to look like newly-poured polished concrete or seeded with an assortment of rock, glass or other materials to create a terrazzo design at a fraction of the cost of traditional terrazzo.

When NEx’s expert installation team takes on your project, here’s what you can expect:

• Scuff& abrade existing concrete surface
• Repair cracks and pour underlayment for damaged floors
• Mix aggregates, glass seeds, etc. if desired
• Pour overlayment
• Grind, polish and seal

“NEX is always on time, on budget and are total professionals”


NEx Polished Concrete: Installation & Restoration

Three grades of finish to match your price

and design

NEX has chemically engineered its own sealers and coatings to provide higher reflectivity with better traction – and the most stain-resistant concrete coating available, making it the ideal choice for environments where food, beverages, pigments or equipment are used.


NEx Finish 1 (called a Grind and Seal) is economical to install with a low #80 to #100 grit polish and sealer. It provides a functional surface for back-of-house, warehouse or similar environments.

NEx Finish 2 (Low Polish finish) costs a little more, but has reduced maintenance cost with its densied surface that, when combined with our P.A.H. product, is stain-resistant. Great for most retail or office applications including restaurants and grocery stores where spills happen.

NEx Finish 3 is mirror-finish showroom quality flooring used for designer offices, hotel lobbies or other high traffic spaces where design is important. With up to #1500 grit polish its reflectivity can be enhanced (and slipperiness mitigated) with NEx P.A.H. coatings for safety and longevity.

“NEX is always on time, on budget and are total professionals”

General Contractor

NEx Custom Design: Installation