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Gym & Fitness Studio Disinfection Reset

Monthly CDC-Based Disinfection
with On-Site Testing & Certification

Kills 99.9999% of Virus, Bacteria & Microbes

Using Multi-Phase CDC Protocols

Case Study:
Fitness Studio Disinfection Reset
Rapid Response Disinfection

Ben Mackie Fitness prepared to reopen the moment regulations allowed customers to come back to the gym, thanks to a full Disinfection Reset by NexViro where every surface, pilates machine, weight and locker room was decontaminated and tested with hospital-grade disinfection using a multi-phase CDC-based protocol.

Ben Mackie Fitness, California
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CDC Protocols

Our multi-phase test and  hospital-grade disinfection process is designed to strictly follow the Centers for Disease Control’s official guidelines and kills 99.9999% of bio-contaminants.

30 Years of Professional Disinfection

NEx Systems has been an innovator in the environmental technology sector for over 30 years, holding multiple patents in surface contamination mitigation. Our specialists use the newest technologies in the disinfection industry.

Before & After Testing

We’ll test your site for microbial contaminants before and after disinfection so you have a measurable system to share with others exactly how safe your workplace is when we’re done.

 Make it Safe to Return to Work 

COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Fitness Facilities - by the California Department of Public Health

NExViro follows California and Cal-OSHAs guidelines for reopening and operating of gyms and fitness studios.

Free Download

Our CDC Protocols Based Process & Services

Disinfection Reset


COVID-19 Rapid Response Disinfection

Our Rapid Response teams are on-call for grocery chains, offices and first-responders throughout California to respond immediately if an employee at any facility tests positive for Covid-19.

Within hours, our specialists deploy to the job site or facility where we test for bio-contaminants then conduct a
Reset Disinfection, eradicating 99.9999% of viruses (including Coronavirus), bacteria, mold and fungi. 

Our work is rapid, discreet and thorough; our clients are provided with before and after surface contamination test results and are able to re-open within 24 hours.


Reset Disinfection

What steps are you taking to insure customers and employees will feel safe returning to the workplace?. 


NexViro’s provides a multi-phase, comprehensive CDC-based facility disinfection protocols for remediation of surface contaminants along with before-and-after surface contamination test results that show that 99.9999% of bio-contaminants (including Staph, SARS and Covid-19) in your facility, office or job site have been mitigated.


Technology & Expertise

NexViro achieves hospital-grade disinfection through a combination of electro-static virucidal spray (a technology that electrically charges sprayed molecules so that they attach to surfaces even outside the spray path), UV-C light sterilization (killing airborne pathogens) when appropriate, calibrated disinfection dwell timing and residue removal, NexViro specialists completely reset the molecular biosphere within your office or workplace.

Contaminant Testing & Facility Monitoring
Disinfection Services Plan


Surface Contamination
Testing & Facility Monitoring

Both before and after our specialists reset your workspace, we conduct CDC-preferred ATP surface contamination testing to measure the levels of bio-contaminants present. 


This testing is conducted on-site using samples from several different high-touch surfaces to make certain that your workplace is safe – and provide you with measurable results to insure the efficacy of the disinfection as well as establish a baseline for ongoing facility monitoring and mitigation.

Our Facility Monitoring service can be customized to your needs depending on the number of people within your space and its porousness to new people.


Disinfection Services Plan

The simplest way to assure your tenants, employees and even state regulators that you are doing everything possible to maintain a safe work environment is to conduct regular monitoring of contaminants combined with periodic disinfections. 


NexViro provides a turnkey solution for facility managers and employers by providing ongoing testing and viral mitigation as an ongoing service. The frequency of Reset Disinfection required may vary widely depending on how many new people interact within your workplace each month, but we can customize a plan that’s right for you and provide proof of your ongoing good-faith efforts to protect your tenants and employees health.

  • Testing and Ongoing Facility Program consulting is also available. 

  • EPA Registered Kill claims and SDS info available upon request.

Case Study: Fitness Studio Reset Disinfection

Includes disinfection of weight rooms, lockers, gymnasiums and common areas

Ben Mackie Fitness is prepared to reopen the moment coronavirus regulations allow customers to come back to the gym, thanks to a full Disinfection Reset by Nex Viro where every surface, pilates machine, weight and locker room has been decontaminated.

Case Study: Restaurant & Bar Reset Disinfection

Includes disinfection of kitchen, bathrooms, bar, indoor and outdoor dining areas and all common areas

Reopening a popular bar and grill after Covid-19 will require some changes, but the owners of Ave on the Mile knew that no matter what, they would need to protect the health of their workers and customers – with hospital-grade disinfection services from Nex Viro.

Case Study: Sports Facility Reset Disinfection

Includes disinfection of sport facilities, lockers, dugouts, equipment and stadium seating

When Club Allstar, a regional sports complex, wanted to make sure it’s sports and exercise facilities were sterile and safely disinfected for kids before Summer, they called NexViro.

Case Study: Shopping Mall Reset Disinfection

Includes reset disinfection of 600,000 square feet of retail space, food courts, childrens play areas

Sherwood Mall is prepared to safely re-open with 99.9999% of bio-contaminants mitigated using Nex Viro's CDC-based disinfection protocols across its entire 600-thousand-square-foot interior. 


About NEx Systems

The  innovator in non-toxic commercial environmental services

NEx Systems started nearly 30 years ago with a mission to innovate new environmentally friendly methods and products to maintain commercial facilities effectively without causing pollution, water waste and toxic contamination.


Our commercial cleaning products and methods have already saved the State of California  hundreds of millions of gallons of water while improving the longevity of carpets, textiles and floors in offices, campuses and facilities across the state. Our commercial building division has developed completely non-toxic epoxy flooring formulations exceeding EPA standards in projects as varied as Levis’ Stadium and Nike’s global photo studios. 


We continue to innovate new products used in airports, offices, restaurants and industrial facilities so that each project saves water, reduces pollution and protects people from inhaling damaging VOCs and other toxins.


"This is next-level cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting... Getting ready to re-open I wouldn't have anyone else do it."

Ben Mackie, Owner Ben Mackie Fitness gym and studio
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